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2022-05-14 11:26:19 By : Mr. Harvey Zhong

I get by with a little help from my friend

A new trailer for the upcoming Kao the Kangaroo has been released by publisher Tate Multimedia, showcasing the characters that will be joining and supporting Kao on his adventure.

First up is Walt, a mentor figure to both Kao and his father, who we presume will teach Kao new tricks as he progresses through the game. Next is Marlene, 'The Iron Lady' who will be providing Kao with motherly advice at various intervals. Finally, we're got Gadget, Kay's best friend who happens to be quite the inventor.

Kao the Kangaroo will launch on Switch on May 27th, 2022. Here's a reminder of the features contained within the game:

- Beautiful, diverse worlds, packed with secrets - Engaging and fun gameplay for all ages - family-friendly, but for core gamers too - Magic gloves stacked with powers - Kao himself - a cheeky, brave, and feisty kangaroo who embarks on a life changing journey - An engaging story filled with a cast of captivating characters - Challenging combat including unique boss battles - A whole host of items to collect

Are you looking forward to Kao the Kangaroo? Did you play the original games on Windows back in the day? Let us know!

I have watched the first 55 minutes gameplay trailer from YouTube.

Kao's voice was fit with his new look and he looked even more handsome with that voice. 😍😍😍

My to-go retailer had it in stock, and I kinda regret not getting a copy. I'm stoked for this game!

I still hold the opinion that this looks like a crash 4 clone

@blindsquarel The difference is Crash have to spin to get rid the enemies, Kao have to punch the enemies and you will get some coins. Kao have some hearts to stay survive while Crash will die by one mistake. Crash is like 2D style platformer with 3rd person view while Kao is 3D Platformer. They are completely different things.

From the gameplay I have seen, it looks to be emulating crash. And the rest of the examples you gave don’t really change anything at the core of the game. The art style looks like crash 4. So does the artwork for the game. And gameplay looks similar.

Don’t get me wrong, just because it looks like a clone, doesn’t mean it will be bad. Crash team racing is a Mario kart clone, bug fables is a paper Mario clone, and stardew valley is a harvest moon clone. Yet they all surpass the games that they are trying to emulate.

You foreigners are still yammering on about kangaroos and koalas? Australia's hottest animal is the sacred Bin Chicken, which desperately needs its own game.

Is this a remake of one of those sub-par Gamecube 3D platformers, or is it a brand new IP? For some reason, this character and name seem vaguely familiar to me.

Maybe I'm just confusing this character's design and his name formatting with Ty the Tasmanian Tiger though

@Yodalovesu It's a brand new game, basically a reboot of the franchise.

I also yearn for the day that we get a Pokémon game set in a region based on Australia and it's totally inundated with Bin Chicken Pokémon. Of all the beautiful and unique fauna that we have here, this curvy-beaked connoisseur of wet ashtrays and late-night kebab scraps has won my heart.

@Silly_G I'm guessing the game would also use a real time calendar to make sure spider season happens in game, you can only catch spider pokemon for that period of time

I like the visuals. Everything's so bright and vibrant.

@Jackpaza0508 : A OHKO poison move is also loooooong overdue, ideally with a ridiculous name like Arachno-munch.

And to top it off, it should be the only Poison attacking move that can be used against Steel types. Muahahaha.

@Slowdive thanks! ✌🏻 I'll keep my eye on this one. A new platformer is always a welcome thing in my book

This game is still getting a physical release in America right?

Don't care about Kao. BRING BACK GEX!

@Silly_G Australias full of unique species. Think the platypus takes the cake tho. A duck beaver with a venomous stinger. A little mammal, reptile, and bird all in one. I’ve always wanted to see your country but snakes give me the willies. Have you ever personally walked up on any one of the deadly snakes there?

@blindsquarel it's more like ty the Tasmanian tiger than crash

This, Oxide Room and Mario Strikers. And in July Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Damn, the Switch is going crazy.

@blindsquarel But Crash was a 2D platformer whereas this is 3D?

Does anyone know if this will game have a physical release in the U.S at launch?

@Anti-Matter Well, the first Kao game was basically a clon of Crash while the second one a clon of Rayman...No idea how this one will be.

Not a fan of these cheaper 3d platform, I hope it wind up being good.

@fenlix I think Kao the Kangaroo reboot will look great.

@Rob3008 This revelation changes everything.

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