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2022-07-22 23:56:33 By : Ms. Alice Alice

Schneider Electric breaks down e-commerce linePenetrating into online marketing, opened the web on June 1st.Pilot with a group of cabinet operatorsMeet business partners who want to order products online.Increase convenience, planning and speed of orderingReduce time consuming processesReady to pack a great promotionJust apply for membership on the website delivery no minimumwith special discounts for new customers up to 600 bahtIn the past, Schneider Electric has been successful in expanding product sales channels through online market places such as Shopee and Lazada continuouslyby focusing on home products such as light switches, breakers, uninterruptible power suppliesand industrial products such as buttons and other equipment in the factory by participating in promotional activitiesMake movement in the online marketMr. Benjaporn BoonamnuaywittayaDigital Sales Director, Schneider Electric, said, “Schneider Electric recognizes the importance of facilitating the convenience of our industry partners to purchase products through online channeland to be in line with today's digital eraTherefore, it has launched an online store through the will include industrial productsPilot for cabinet operators and contractorsby products on our webFocus on the Easy Series products, which are popular products in the market.affordable priceIt comes with efficiency and ease of use.Every product model is clearly defined with complete details and usage information.for the convenience of customersAnd in order not to make mistakes in ordering, at the same time, we also provide information on how to listen to seminars on the desired topic or product on this website.Schneider Electric