450 VA Electricity Customers Will Replace MCB to Install Electric Stoves, What Is It?- Liputan6.com Business

2022-09-24 00:46:15 By : Mr. Paul Huang

Liputan6.com, Jakarta The government is preparing a migration program from using gas stoves to electric stoves.One of the conditions is to replace the Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) for electricity customers from 450 VA (Volt Ampere) to 3,500 Watts.MCB itself will be included in the electric stove package which is planned to be distributed free of charge to around 300 thousand households.So, what is MCB?Energy Watch Executive Director Mamit Setiawan explained, MCB is a device to break the electrical circuit when there is an overload and short circuit."The main function of the MCB is as a protection system in electrical installations in the event of overload and short circuit (short circuit)," he explained to Liputan6.com, Friday (23/9/2022).Mamit explained that the basis for selecting the current rating of the MCB that you want to use in residential installations is adjusted to the size of the installed PLN electricity subscription.So, he continued, when there is a change in the incoming power current from 450 VA to 2,200 VA, the MCB is different.After solving the problem of increasing fuel subsidies (BBM) by increasing prices, the government is now turning to solving the swelling of gas subsidies.* Fact or Hoax?To find out the truth of the information circulating, please WhatsApp to the Liputan6.com Fact Check number 0811 9787 670 just by typing the desired keyword.He then classified the common MCB nominal currents as 2A (Amperes), 4 A, 6A, 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A, and 125A.The current is then adjusted to the amount of incoming electricity."For 450 VA it is usually 2A, 900 VA is usually 4 A, 1,300 VA is usually 6A. and 2,200 is usually 10A," explained Mamit."If you want to go to 3,500 (Watt) it goes up again to MCB 16A," he added.The categorization is said to be done so that the distribution of electric current becomes safer.Where if there is a short, then the MCB can work immediately."So when we talk about the MCB, there are three functions, the first is to limit the use of electricity, the second is to turn off the electricity in the event of a short circuit. The third is to secure electricity," he said.Regarding the imposition of electricity tariffs with the calculation of the new power, Mamit handed it over to PT PLN (Persero)."In accordance with what PLN said, if there is no increase in tariffs and continue to use subsidized rates. This is what I emphasize, I support this program as long as it does not burden the community with no additional burden."he insisted.* READ OTHER LATEST NEWS ON GOOGLE NEWS