Two ovens on a 6mm 32 amp breaker but prewired in 2.5

2022-04-02 03:53:45 By : Mr. Tony Tong

Two ovens on a 6mm 32 amp breaker but prewired in 2.5 or 1.5 flex

So if you have a situation where a customer is changing their kitchen around. They have either an oven and an induction hob or they want two single ovens rated at 16a each say. You already have a 6mm feed there on a 32 amp breaker. Without taking diversity into account you know that the two ovens are suitable for the 32 amp breaker.

It seems unnecessary to have two 4mm or 6mm cables going coming from the cooker outlet plate to feed each oven when they'll never draw more than the rated load of 16amp each. Especially when some ovens come pre wired or with a special lead which is often 1.5mm or 2.5mm. Can overload protection be omitted for that section of cable similar to how a spur off a ring circuit feeding a double socket is determined which could technically pull a load more than the 2.5 cable could take. Otherwise it means running the ovens on two separate circuits which seems a bit overkill. They also cant be fused down as they may draw more than 13amp.

Just wondering what the official advice is?

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